Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Interesting Facts about Albatross Birds

Albatross birds can live up to 50 years in the wild. These birds are carnivores, and they will typically feed on squid and other creatures that they find in the sea. When it comes to these kinds of birds, there are about 24 different species, and they are all large in size. The albatross birds spend time both on land and on water. One of the unique traits about these birds is that they drink salt water, and they are only seen on land when they are mating.

Laysan albatrosses were hunted many years ago for the food that they provided to the indigenous people that lived in the area of the northern seas.

The albatross wingspan is extremely large. Some of these birds can have a wingspan that is as long as 11 feet. These large birds are able to soar through the air without flapping their wings continuously, and they can float on the waters of the seas on which they live. When they are on the water, they need to be careful because this is where their predators reside.

The great albatross can be broken down into two different subspecies. In this group is the wandering albatross, which is the largest out of all of the species of these birds, and the royal albatross.

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