Friday, August 15, 2014


The eucalyptus is a flowering plant which belongs to several genders of plants. It can be a tree, a shrub, and also a plant of the myrtle family. It is common in Australia, but it can also be found in other parts of the world, such as Indonesia and Guinea. However, the Eucalyptus deglupta is more common, being found also in the Philippines.

The eucalyptus is similar with the plant named eucalypts. They are also known as gum trees, because they leak a gummy substance when their bark is cut. The eucalyptus is known for its beneficial properties for the human body. Many creams and medicines are made from that, being beneficial especially for the skin.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The dictyosperma is a flowering plant from the palms family, commonly found in the Mascarene Islands. It is a tropical plant, but it is threatened by extinction in its native habitat. The common name is the Princess Palmer Hurricane Palm, because of its ability to resist to strong winds. Its name comes from two Greek words which mean Net and Seed, and also White, because of the color at the top of the trunk. The rownshaft of the plant is one meter tall, and it is covered with a white substance. This gives the name of the plant. The crown can spread almost 5 meters, and the leaves can reach 3 meters.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The baneberry is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae, and it is characteristic to the Northern Hemisphere. It is related with Souilea and Actaea, as recently revealed by scientists. It has the same characteristics with Actaea, which helps researchers to find other similarities. It is one of the most common gardening plants, really popular because it is not pretentious, and it can be grown almost anywhere. The fleshy fruit and the remainder dry fruit are the most important characteristics of this plant. The group of baneberries and of Actaea forms a broader group of plants, which still have to be studied before being introduced in a larger family.