Tuesday, April 8, 2014

British Bulldog Puppies

 British Bulldog Puppies

British bulldog puppies white

British bulldog puppies wallpaper

 British bulldog puppies black

 French bulldog puppies

French bulldog puppies

 American bulldog puppies

 British bulldogs

The British Bulldog is one of the most beloved races in the world, but especially in England, where the cutest British bulldog puppies can be found. Its origins are not completely known. One of the theories supposes that the bulldog comes from the old Mossul of Epir, the common ancestor of all the massive dogs. The Bulldog was first mentioned in 1209 in England. The bloody fights between bulldogs and other animals were allowed in England until 1835. Even if those dogs were neglected for a while, the lovers of the bulldog continued to breed it, ameliorating its aggressive and unwanted characteristics.

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