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Common Snakes In Kentucky

Snakes are common in the state of Kentucky, and considering the great climate and the fauna and flora, the state is ideal for those animals. The common snakes in Kentucky have different sizes, characteristics and habits, and they are also the subject of local urban legends and stories. The smallest Kentucky snake has 7 inches, being more like a worm than a snake, but you can also find the impressive black rat snake with length of 6 feet or more.

While the majority of people are scared about those snakes, considering them as dangerous animals, the passionate researchers and animal lovers are fascinated about them. Some of the species are great pets, and people prefer the size and beauty of the rat snake usually. However, read some details about feeding and taking care of the snake pets, as they are different from any other animals.

The people are also attracted about the snakes’ great combination of colors, about the adaptability of them and also about their capacity to survive in hostile environments. You can find snakes practically anywhere in the state of Kentucky, from the backyards of town houses to the deep forests and rocky areas. Only 4 species are venomous, and the majority of common snakes in Kentucky are not even aggressive. However, every local in Kentucky must be able to differentiate the venomous snakes from the harmless ones.

The copperhead is a venomous snake, and it is also hard to differentiate it from the common snakes in Kentucky. However, the model on the back of this snake can be easily detected, as it has a bow shape with narrow stripes on the edges.

The cottonmouth is another poisonous snake that is feared by people, and it is also the most aggressive of the venomous species.

The timber rattlesnake is the most common venomous snake, but you can hardly see it in the urban areas. It prefers the solitude of the rocky areas and the deep forests, it also likes to hide instead of fighting, and this is why attacks of the rattlesnake are rarely reported.

Another one of the common snakes in Kentucky that is also the preferred pet for snake lovers is the black rat. This snake can easily reach a length of 6 feet, and it is also beneficial for farms, being a known enemy of rats and other small animals around your home.

The prairie kingsnake can be found in the fields of the western Kentucky, preferring the prairies and grasslands. It feeds with birds and small animals, and it is also non-poisonous.

The milk snake takes its name from a legend saying it is able of sucking milk from cows. However, the snake will never be capable of doing so, and it is also known as a hidden snake. You can find it in the vicinity of barns, but this is only because this snake likes to feed with mice and rats.
The garter snake is a relatively small snake that can be found in all the areas of Kentucky, including urban agglomerations. It is a non-poisonous snake, although it bites when attacked, and it also releases a liquid that resembles with venom.

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