Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poisonous spiders in Everglades

The Everglades is a wide area in the southern part of Florida that is considered a national park, being a low populated area covered with swamps. It is the ideal habitat for reptiles such as crocodiles and snakes, but also the perfect habitat for some dangerous spiders. Once a forgotten part of the USA, the area is visited by thousands of tourists every month, coming here because of the increased popularity of alligator hunting. While this flux of tourists is surely beneficial for the locals that are some of the poorest citizens of the United States, the habitats of the animals are affected. The authorities try to limit this effect, as it is known that some species of poisonous spiders in Everglades are about to disappear.

In the world, there are more than 32 000 species of spiders. The Everglades is the host for almost a quarter of those species, and the habitat of the greatest number of poisonous spiders. The poisonous spiders in Everglades are currently classified and researched by specialists, because of their great value for medicine.

However, the majority of Everglades’s spiders are harmless, although their bite might cause irritations and strong allergic reactions. It is important from any tourist coming to Everglades to know how to identify the poisonous spiders in Everglades because of two reasons: first, it is recommended not to kill a non-poisonous spider in Everglade, and second, the poison of those venomous spiders can be stronger than the timber rattle’s venom.

Some of the poisonous spiders in Everglades live on their own webs, while the majority of them would rather stay in the ground, making the webs only for feeding purposes. This is why, while the majority of people would look up to identify the poisonous spiders in Everglades, they can be commonly found on the ground.

The most reputed spider in Florida is the Black Widow, although there are some species in Everglades that are more poisonous that this spider. However, the black widow gained its popularity because the female eats the male while mating, transforming it into food for the future babies. A bite of the Back Widow causes nausea, pains, headaches and violent vomits, but they are rarely deadly. Especially if treated fast, the symptoms will disappear after a few hours.
One of the most poisonous spiders in Everglades is the Brown Recluse, and the antivenin serums are not so effective against this kind of bite. The wounds are extremely painful, causing the skin to fall off. Initially, it is only a small red point, but the wound spreads fast and it could cover a large portion of skin in a short period.

Those are only the most reputed poisonous spiders in Everglades, as they are also the most venomous. However, there are other smaller species that will cause rashes and irritations, and the best idea if you are bitten is to consult a doctor instead of waiting to see “what kind of bite is”.

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