Monday, March 17, 2014

Finding Great Danes Florida

The race Great Danes Florida was first recorded in Germany. Although it is known under this name, the Great Danes has no connection with Denmark whatsoever, so we could say this name is improper.

The history and the origins of this race are complicated, and several theories about Great Danes Florida appeared.

One of those theories says that those dogs were used since antiquity. This theory is sustained by a Greek coin from 36 B.C. having a picture of the Great Danes on it. However, it seems like those dogs were brought here by a migrating population from Asia.

Aspect and dimensions of Great Danes Florida

Characterized as the equivalent of the god Apollo from the Greek mythology amongst dogs, the Great Danes Florida means a noble aspect, force, pride, and elegance. This race is a part of the gigantic races of dogs. It is strong, with a well proportioned body, with a short back, a lifted chest, and straight strong legs. It has a medium length tail that sits down if the dog is sitting, but it also curves nicely when the dog is in action.

The Great Danes Florida has an expressive long head, rounded around the eyes. It also has a long snout, with extremely white teeth. The dark colored eyes have a medium size, rounded shape, and a smart intelligent look. The ears are hanging on the lateral sides of the body. Although in the past it was a habit to cut the dogs ears with surgery for a better aspect, it is forbidden to apply this technique in the majority of the European countries and the United States. The neck is long, lean, without wrinkles.

The Great Danes has short fur, soft and shiny, and it has different colors: blue, black, white, shiny yellow and brown.

The personality of the Great Danes Florida

The Great Danes is a trustworthy dog, brave and resistant, but also friendly and loyal to the master and his family. It is an equilibrated dog that doesn’t attack without a reason, but could become aggressive if he is provoked by man or animals.

Family relationship

The Great Danes Florida dogs are great family dogs, as they are gentle, devoted to the master and the family, careful and friendly. It is a quiet dog, tolerant and playful with kids, and loves them like no other dog. You can leave your child in the park with the Danes for a whole day, and you can be sure the dog will give his life to protect the child.

Life conditions of the Great Danes Florida

This race needs daily walks and movement, so they will be really happy if you can provide them with a big yard where he could easily run. However, they can also live in an apartment, but you must allow him decent time for movement every day.


Along the years, the Great Danes was used as a hunting dog, fighting and guarding dog. In our days, it is used as a companion and defender, but it is also a great watchdog for houses, farms and other objectives.

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