Sunday, March 16, 2014

Finding Great Dane Rescue Oregon

The Great Dane is one of the most imposing dogs from our days. We are sure you have passed near a yard in the past, and a tall dog with a huge head started to bark at you with a loud tone. Well, that is the Great Dane, and it is truly impressive. If you want to adopt a dog and you have no ideas, you could think about Great Dane Rescue Oregon. You will save a puppy’s life, and you will enjoy a real dog that will be the best friend of your kids for many years now.

In the past, the Great Dane Rescue Oregon was used for hunting huge animals, but today, it is only used as a watchdog and companion.

The height of the Great Dane during its maturity years is 80 centimeters for males and 72 centimeters for females. This is not the maximum standard, but people are generally looking for those dimensions. All the dogs from the Great Dane Rescue Oregon program will probably reach those dimensions in their fourth year of life. In any case, your dog should weight more than 50 kilograms, but the average weight of those dogs is 60-70 kilograms.


The Great Dane Rescue Oregon has a short and soft fur with three main colors accepted: yellow ( it is also accepted with stripes), black ( the white spots and stripes are also accepted, but check the pedigree carefully before mating your dog with one of those exemplars), and harlequin.
Unfortunately, the blue harlequin is rarer in the latest years, and you must be patient before finding a pedigree mate for your dog. In some countries, only two colors are accepted: Mantel – with a black fur covering the dog like a mantle, or with a white fur. Don’t mate exemplars with different colors!

Taking care of the Great Dane Rescue Oregon

The fur doesn’t need too much care. During the shedding period, it is better to use a rubber brush to remove the extra hair.

The Great Dane needs his own soft place to stay, as sitting directly on the floor will deform the bones after a while. The races are growing fast, and they need special care during the growing period. The most important aspect is the nutrition. The second one is exercising and training. Avoid extenuation, as this dog plays as long as you let him. Especially during the growing period, the exercise daily period needs to be balanced. The Great Dane Rescue Oregon is not suited for a cage, and he will enjoy all the comfort you can give to him 


It is often said that a robber can easily enter a house guarded by a Great Dane Rescue Oregon, but he can’t leave. Just like other dogs from the Mastiff family, those dogs have a high level of accepted pain, so an affection could go unnoticed for a long period. The only method to avoid illness problems is to check your dog often to the veterinary. The Great Dane Rescue Oregon will not complain unless the problem is severe, and sometimes it might be too late to treat it.

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