Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are Garter Snakes Dangerous

The Garter Snake is a part of the small snake’s families, being a common snake in Kentucky. It has three yellow stripes on the back, with varied colors. however, its shape and the combination of colors are unique, so you will be able to recognize a snake of this kind. The stripes might have other colors also, and they could also miss completely. in this case, they are replaced with some spots of a dark yellow or brown. Those dark spots can also be found on the belly of the garter snake, and they usually have a light green or a yellow color.

The garter snake is a common snake in the urban areas, and this is why people developed a fascination for it. it is understandable: as long as you see a snake around your house, you might wonder if it is dangerous.

Good news, the garter snake is not poisonous, but it releases a smelly musk if threatened, and some people might find it offensive. In some rare cases, allergies to this musk were reported, so you might check yourself about this matter if you are living in a Kentucky area where this snake is common.

the legends about the garter snake being dangerous appeared because of its resemblance with the copperhead, which is a venomous snake living approximate in the same areas. however, the simplest method to identify a non-poisonous snake is to look at its eyes. The garter snake has horizontal pupils, while all the poisonous snakes have a vertical pupil.

While the garter snake is harmless and sometimes even beneficial, especially for farms where the snakes kill a large number of rats and mice, some people might not want them around. while the deterrents and naphthalene were used commonly to eliminate the snakes, those substances might be harmful for the environment and for you. This is why you should get rid of the garter snake by making the environment less friendly. Eliminate all the piles where they could hide. It is not a guaranteed method, but it will surely decrease the number of snakes on your yard. the snakes might hide in the basement or in the cellar, although the cold dark places are not so comfortable for them. it is also a good idea to cover all the wholes larger than ¼ inch. This way, the snakes will not be able to get in.

The average length of the garter snake is 4 to 26 inches, but the majority of adults have about 20 inches. This is the main difference from the copperhead that could easily reach 42 inches. Look for the shape of the head. All the poisonous snakes have a resembling head with the venom bags placed on the sides, while the non-poisonous spices have a sharp head and usually a slippery aspect. if you want to be certain about a snake, look at its tail. The anal plate is continued on one row to the top of the tail for the venomous snake, while the other species will only have one row. 

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