Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mixed puppy dogs

The puppy dogs vary in dimensions, character and behavior. The mixed dogs need their attention, and if they are socialized as puppies, they might turn into great companions. The mixed dog’s lifespan around 7 years, if it is ill often, but it can live up to 16 years. The record is 26 years. The large mixed dogs live less than the small ones. There are many genetic differences, and this is why those values vary a lot.

Puppy dog

The Puppy dog has many dimensions, shapes and colors. They can be breed or stray dogs. Even if people prefer breeds, the stray dogs need caring and attention. If you want to bring joy to your family, you can consider the mixed dogs. Those can be clever, obedient to stubborn, but sometimes too independent. Their character is different. Some are friendly with other dogs, while some don’t like to have anybody around.

Puppy breeders: preservers of legacy

Breeding a new race of dogs is not an easy task, as those need attention, space and special care. When dog breeders want to create a new race, they need to collaborate. The breeders communicate one with the other, making sure that the race is going in the right direction. 10 or even 20 Puppy breeders are required to obtain a new breed in 10-30 years. On the other hand, some mistakes can be made, and in this case, the work needs to be started again. The satisfaction of obtaining a new breed is huge, and this is why some breeders try to find a type of breed for a lifetime.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking care of puppies

The puppies are the light of our childhood. Having a dog as a child implies responsibility. A dog could be the best friend of a child, and of the entire family. We are not talking about the big breeds, as the company dogs are just as good. Teach your child how to take care of it, how to make sure that it has everything that it needs. Sometimes, puppies can be just as kids, so consider this a responsibility.

Puggle puppies

The Puggle puppies were obtained by crossing several breeds, and its origins are not well known. Some say that it is a combination of Pug and Beagle, while others believe that it is a Yorki Poo kind of breed. Benji is one of the famous breeds related with the Puggle. Tiger is another famous Puggle, from the Hollywood movie with the same name. It is an average dog, with a weight of 20 pounds. It has different coats, shapes and textures, so it is important to buy only certificate Puggles.

Pug puppy

The Pug puppy is a sensitive dog to the tone of the voice, smart, and this is why simple training might be exactly what the dog needs. The master can have great results with a trained Pug.

It is a Chinese race older than 2000 years. It was brought to Europe by the Dutch traders. In England, it was introduced by William and Marry of Orania, when the accessed the throne in 1688. It was spread fast, becoming the favorite of nobles. Its fame became greater after the Spanish war, when the saved the life of Wilhelm the Black, by sounding the alarm. The black Pugs were first created around 1870.

Pug puppies

The Pug puppies are easily adapted to life in an apartment or a house; it feels well near a master or a family without an active life, but careful and giving. It loves the attention, it is a part of the family, and it must not be left alone for too long. Even if it accommodates with short walks, it likes to run and play. It needs socializing and training.

Pictures and wallpapers of Pug puppies and dogs.

Pug dog

The Pug dog is a smart, calm and sensitive dog which can also be trusted. It is caring for its master and patient with children. Even if it is vigilante with visitors, it becomes friendly. If it is socialized, it will not have many problems. It feels the need for attention, and it is jealous if the master gives attention to other dogs. The fur must be brushed; the cuticles of the dace must be maintained clean, so they won’t be infected. It must stay away from strong sun. It has the tendency to snort.

Pictures and wallpapers of Pug  puppies and dogs.

Why Pound puppies are happy dogs

The Pound toys can be found in different locations, being perfect for a smart dog. The Pound puppies are not only happier because of their activity, but also smarter. It is impossible to have a trained dog, as long as you don’t have the right toys. The Pound toys were designed by breeders and professional dog trainers, being exactly what your dog needs.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Finding the pugs for sale

The Pugs are a smart breed of dogs, which can have many colors. For this reason, the breed is affected, because of bad crossings. It is important to preserve this race, and this is why we need to find only the pugs for sale with certificate. Of course, the stray Pugs must not be left on the streets. However, those must be crossed with Poodles for increasing its resistance to cold.

Poodle puppies

The Poodle puppies are smart, sensitive and cautious. They are devoted to the master, it is great with children, but it does not trust other dogs. It is adapted against the cold weather, but it is not suited for a yard. It is a good apartment dog, and also a great swimmer. It can adapt with the offered life conditions, It is an active dog, so it is only suited for people that have the time to take care of it. The Poodle needs long walks, swimming and sport, and also socializing and training. It is easy to train it, because it is smart, it learns fast, and it is also willing to try new activities.

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Pomeranian puppy

The Pomeranian puppy was first breed in the Pomeranian region in Germany, and this is why it does have this name. It is the descendent of the Spitz dogs. The race was created in Great Britain in the 19th century, by reducing the dimensions of the Mittel Spitz breed with selective mating. The interest of Queen Victoria for this breed increased its popularity and this is why the Pomeranians got in the hands of famous breeders, which changed its aspect with the one it has today. It is a small dog, great for company and even for guarding.

Pictures and wallpapers of Pomeranian puppies and dogs.