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Great Dane Information History And Origins

If you are thinking about buying a Great Dane as your pet, you should know some facts about those dogs. It is not like having a small cat. As you will find from this Great Dane information, this dog is demanding, and you will have to take care of him in order to remain healthy. The Great Dane is called German Sheppard in some countries, but we are practically speaking about the same family of dogs.

The provenience of the name

We couldn’t find any Great Dane information about the provenience of the name. It is commonly known that this dog has its origins in Germany, and the history of this race is complicated.

The firs explanation about the name Great Dane is given by the specialized French documents, where this dog was called “danoise”, which means “dog with spots”. Another weird explanation is that the name was given to the Yellow Dog, as those dogs are tall and blonde, just like the Danish people. Although this Great Dane information is pure fiction, the explanation was accepted by some French and German dog lovers.


We have Great Dane information about the origins of the race. The theory that has been generally accepted is the next one: during the V century, a migrating population called the Visigoths invaded Gaul, Italy and Spain, bringing those big and strong dogs. They were used for fighting, and they were effective. The Visigoths remained on those territories, and they were easily absorbed by the local population. Their trustful dogs were also adopted by the local population, but they were easily domesticated. The Great Dane dogs that we see today are the followers of those fight dogs, and this is why they are so powerful.

Medieval Era

The Great Dane information about the medieval era is ambiguous, and the interest for the dogs was insignificant during those times. However, they were raised for two purposes: fight and hunting. The war dogs had to be courageous and fierce to face the enemy, but those qualities must also be doubled by pure force. The Great Dane dogs were used for hunting bears and boars, and they had to be strong enough to kill or chase those huge animals, but they also needed their speed and agility. The race was called Alain that time, but the name was changed in Dog by the German people, name that was adopted by the Saxons for all the canine races. However, the word Dog was firstly used just to name the big races.


In 1879, a group of German dog passionate reunited different types of big dogs under the same race called the German Dog. However, the English people refused to adopt this name, and the Danish people tried to prove with papers that this race originates in their country. Based on those papers, the name Great Dane was adopted by the majority of Europeans, but the name German Dog or German Sheppard also remained. However, nobody could contest the German origins of this dog.

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