Monday, May 5, 2014

Siberian husky puppies

The Siberian husky puppies are playful and smart; they like to wonder around independently, it is friendly with anybody, which means that it is not good for guarding. It does not have problems with strangers, and it accepts other animals.

The coat requires brushing only during the winter. The dog feels great in fresh air, in a colder environment, near a sportive type of owner. It is the perfect breed if you want several dogs, as it rarely gets in a fight with other dogs. It needs socializing and training. It is used in the North areas for sleighs, but it is also the perfect family dog.

Cute Siberian husky puppies with blue eyes 

Brown Siberian husky puppies

White Siberian husky puppy

siberian husky newborn puppies

Siberian husky wallpapers

Alaskan husky puppies



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