Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Choose Your Pet with Turtle Photos

Why would people decide that they want turtles as pets? Just look on a search engine for turtle photos, and you will understand why those animals are so popular. However, just because they are cute in the photos, and because you think that they are easy to take care of, it does not mean that you are actually suited for taking care of a turtle. From the photos, you will see that a Galapagos tortoise is different from a European turtle, but do you know what this means when it comes to breeding those species? Let’s see how you can use the turtle photos to choose the species of turtle that you want to have.

The most popular turtles are the ones of Florida. Those hibernate during the winter, but if they are captive, they will be active for the entire duration of the year.

As the turtles live for a long time, you will have to make sure that they will have enough room in the aquarium as they grow. The Florida turtles are semi aquatic, meaning that you need to arrange the aquarium so they could swim, but with a place where the turtles can rest. The dry side of the aquarium must be arranged using smooth rocks or wood. Don’t use small stones, as the turtle might swallow those.

Heat the dry side of the aquarium with a lamp. The source of light must be put over the wood or stones, this way, the turtle will assimilate calcium a lot better. The water in the aquarium must be deep enough for the turtle to swim. An easy way to know how much water is required is to multiply the height of the turtle with 3 to obtain the height of the water. The length of the aquarium must be five times bigger than the turtle. You will need a strong filter, as the turtles make a lot of mess. Don’t forget to clean it periodically, as it will not work at its maximum capacity if it is dirty. This way, you will also prevent the installment of smells. The water must be changed totally once a month, and 20-30% weekly.

The temperature in the aquarium must be constant. The suited temperature is 26-27 degrees Celsius for the Florida turtle, but other species of turtles will require more or less. Maintain the water clean by feeding the animal into a separate container, as the rest of the food remained in the water could help the installment of bacteria and microbes.

The turtles are curious animals, so they might play near the filter, breaking it. Try to put the heater in a place that is unreachable for the turtle. However, make sure it is not far from the turtles, as it will not make its role.

The turtles like to eat in water, but you can have a separate container for that. This helps you to keep the aquarium clean. After a while, the turtles will get used with this, and they will be really happy when you put them in the eating recipient!

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