Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Tortoise and the Hare Fable

 The Tortoise And The Hare is one of the most popular fables of the Greek philosopher and storyteller Aesop, a fable that is valid even today, 2500 years after it has been told for the first time. It is an educative story, which highlights the wisdom of tortoises.

One day, a hare was bragging about his incredible speed, provoking all the animals in the forest for a run. His main target for jokes was the turtle. The hare laughed about her because she was so slow. The tortoise tried to ignore him for a while, but the hare was so insistent, that the tortoise decided to play the game. She stretched her neck and provoked the hare for a run. The hare and all the other animals had a good laugh and prepared for what was about to be a ravaging victory of the hare.

They had to wait for a while until all the animals gathered. The news spread instantly across the forest. The lion decided the course, and the hare was so happy. The race begun, and as it was expected, the hare took a significant advantage even since the start. The hare soon got bored of running, so he decided to stop and to play for a while in a meadow. He got tired of playing, so he also decided to take a nap. After all, the tortoise was way behind, so he had all the time in the world. Meantime, the tortoise continued the race, taking one step at a time, without breaks.

The rabbit took a long nap, and then he woke up. Time to get going. He ran like never before, and crossed the finish line where the tortoise was patiently waiting for the rabbit to arrive.

Although this is only a story, it is a statement of the wisdom of tortoises. Even since antiquity, the tortoise was considered as a smart animal. 

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