Thursday, October 31, 2013

Growing the Sulcata Tortoises

The Sulcata tortoises are amongst the most popular types of tortoises. They are bought in stores when they have the size of a coin, and they can grow up to 50-60 kilograms. They live 100 years or even more, but because of lack of records, it is believed that they can live a lot more. If you want a Sulcata tortoise, you will have to prepare a special place for it. They are good climbers, so besides the generous space, it is important to make high fences.

The Sulcata tortoise has its natural habitat in dry and hot areas, and if you want such an animal as a pet, you will have to ensure the same habitat. They have carapaces that can reach one meter, so they are amongst the largest types of tortoises in the world. The predominant color of the shell is brown and yellow, but they can have other nuances. The skin is resistant, thick, and it prevents sweating, which means that water is retained in the body for a long time.

 Even if they live in dry areas, the tortoises are herbivores. They will look for grass and weed. Sometimes, they can eat different types of cactuses. At the zoos in Europe and USA, their main alimentation is composed of grass, flowers and vegetables. The artificial habitat must be kept constantly at more than 27 degrees Celsius. The Sulcata tortoise does not hibernate, and it is recommended not to put it near a lake or water source, as they don’t need to be wet.

If you have the required authorizations and you decided to buy a Sulcata, you need to prepare the habitat. Start from the local pet shop where you can buy a cage, but you can also make one based on your preferences, and on the space that you can put at the disposal of the pet.

When you buy a Sulcata, you must be sure that she or he is healthy. The tortoise must move a lot, a little scared but curious. When it is taken in hand, it will first withdraw in the carapace, but after a while, she must come out to see what happened. The skin must be smooth, shiny, without bruises or wounds. A healthy Sulcata has big and expressive eyes.

The Sulcata tortoises have a variable body temperature. If you want to ensure the right temperature for the tortoise, you will need heat and UV rays, and also a source of artificial light that replaces the sunrays, but only during the winter. The Sulcata tortoise needs to stay in the sun as much as possible.

The space that you put at the disposal of the tortoise must offer comfort and challenges. You can use an aquarium, but considering the fact that the Sulcata is a large animal, you can think about a pen also. In a corner of the pen, you will need a few stones and some wooden pieces, and the water pot. This must be fixed and small, so the tortoise would not be able to take a bath in it.

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