Sunday, October 13, 2013

Taking Care of Baby Turtles

The baby turtles must be kept in water with moderate depth, so they could easily reach the surface. It is important to change it every day, or once every three days if you have a filter.

A small filter required a depth of water of 5 centimeters, so it could function correctly, by creating a significant current. If the current is too strong, the turtle will swim against it, and it will get tired really fast. If you want to prevent this situation, you must slow down the current, by placing a round big stone in the middle of the aquarium. This serves as a support also, as when the turtle needs to rest, it will climb on it, and whenever the water is too strong, they can hide behind the stone. Another method is to incline the aquarium a little, to obtain a place with deep water. It the temperature in the room is too low, cover the aquarium. However, don’t let condense to appear. Lack of ventilation is bad for the turtle!

Ensuring the environment 

The water and the air in the aquarium reach a temperature of 29-30 degrees. Those thermal conditions prolong the lives of baby turtles. Generally, the incandescent lamp placed over the aquarium will maintain the water temperature high, especially if there is a stone in the water. If you want to maintain those conditions, you can use a thermometer that can be bought from specialized stores.


The baby turtles are carnivores, but fruits and vegetables are also recommended for an equilibrated diet. Leave those to float on the water, from where the small turtles would pick them whenever they want. A complete alimentation is made with pre-packed food, which must be distributed in moderate quantities, once or twice a day. Don’t give them too much food. Excess food increases the weight of the baby turtle dramatically, and the shell might deform.

Health problems

When they are free, the baby turtles have a small chance to survive, 1%. Even if this percentage grows significantly in captivity, don’t expect for all the baby turtles to live. In case of diseases, it is pretty hard to treat a baby turtle, as the disease progresses fast, and the animal dies before it is possible to take measurements. This is why we recommend you several turtles. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything else besides offering a good habitat to the turtles, with a heating and a ventilating system, in a room, which is not noisy. If one of the turtles gets hurt, take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

It is great to have a baby turtle as your pet, because of many reasons. They require minimal care, and if you are able to establish the right space for those, they will look decorative. The baby turtles are great for people that have allergies to cats and dogs, or which simply don’t have the time to take care of animals, as they would want, especially because taking care of those is easy.  

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