Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking Care of the Red Foot Tortoise

The red tortoise is a great companion, as they don’t require daily meals, they don’t leave hair around the house, they must not be walked, and they are also active and cute. They are also caring. For the adult tortoises, if you leave them free around the house, you will notice that they will look for you around the rooms, they will climb your shoes, and she will also want to stay with you on the couch when you watch TV. It is not proven that the red foot tortoise has the capacity to care, but the observation made by people raising red foot tortoises as pets state this matter.

As the red foot tortoise grows fast, it is important to secure a large space since the start, considering the fact that those are really active when they don’t hibernate. The tortoise is semi-aquatic, meaning that it needs to spend time on dry land and in water. However, they will spend a reduced time in water, so the shelter must be made of sand, grass and weed, rather than water. The tortoise has the tendency to hibernate during the winter, even if you ensure food and light, and for a few years, it is possible for it to hibernate. However, when the organism adjusts, the tortoise will probably stay awake during the winter, but this is only needed after a few years.

It seems complicated to take care of a red foot tortoise, but it is not that hard, as it adapts to the offered conditions. It is possible for it to get sick, but this happens rarely. They have sensitive eyes. They don’t like sudden temperature changes, so it is preferred to maintain a constant temperature in the house. Sometimes, they will need vitamins, and you can administrate those by dissolving them on water and food. The tortoises need to socialize, so don’t be surprised when she will take her head out of the carapace and she will look at you when you come home and talk.

The red foot tortoise is a friend that you will have for a lifetime, and this is not a word in vain. This tortoise lives for 30-50 years, so if you want one, you will take a long-term commitment. If you treat the tortoise with love and care, you will see that it will have the same behavior with you, but it will take some time, so you need to have patience with her, as it is just like a child that needs attention and care.

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