Monday, October 28, 2013

Characteristics of Russian tortoises

The Russian tortoise is a special type of the Testudo family. It is adapted for the cold weather of Europe and Russia, although it can be found in other parts of the world. It is suited as a pet because it is easily adaptable, and it is common in pet stores.

The Russian tortoises drink water. You will need to ensure enough quantity, but make sure that the tortoise can’t enter the recipient. Moreover, the water recipient in the pen must be fixed, as the tortoise will surely spill the water otherwise.

The Russian tortoise digs a lot. The habitat of this tortoise must be made on a layer of sand and mud of at least 10 centimeters. Normally, if the tortoise receives the required quantity of food and light, it will not need to hibernate. However, the nature takes its course, so even if the pet does not want to hibernate, it will want to dig holes to prepare. If the sand is not deep enough, you will take the most important pleasure of your pet away.

The Russian tortoise adapts easily to captivity, and it has the same behavior. It is not recommended to buy this type of tortoise if you live in a hot area, as it will almost certainly die. Even if you are able to ensure the right temperature, it is impossible to stimulate the humidity required by this tortoise.

The food for a Russian tortoise is also delicate. This species is adapted to the harsh conditions of the steppe. This means that she will look for weeds and sparse plants. You might believe that you will make the pet happy if you give it enough food. It is not true. The natural behavior of the tortoise is to look for food and to fight for every weed, so it will not feel that great with a bowl full of lettuce.

During the summer, you can keep the tortoise in an external pen. Here, it can dig as many holes as she wants, and she will feel perfect. During the winter, if you don’t have enough room in your house, at least try to create a proper environment for hibernation. The behavior of Russian tortoises is changeable. If the turtle did not hibernate this year, it does not mean that she will not want to do so the next year. Anticipating the wishes of your pet is the real challenge of growing a Russian tortoise.  

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