Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sea Turtles: General Characteristics

The Sea Turtles are not suited as pets, because they are protected by the law. Even if you are able to find one, besides the fact that it is illegal to keep them in captivity, you will also need a special place to raise it. Imitating the natural habitat of the sea turtles is almost impossible, because you will need fresh seawater all the time. The only method to keep a sea turtle is to make a fence in the sea and on the shore, where the turtle can live. Even so, the turtle will not be happy. A turtle needs to migrate and it can swim for days to find the special beaches where to lay eggs, so the freedom of the turtle is limited.

The Sea Turtles are almost extinct in some parts of the world, because of massive hunting and because of wild animals. The most important moment in the life of a turtle is the…beginning. The eggs must be put at about 50 meters from the sea, and the small turtles need to reach the water as soon as possible to survive. Many of them are not able to do so, especially because the mother leaves the “nest” as soon as the eggs are buried. As there is nobody to help the little turtles, many of them don’t make it because of the wild animals. Eagles and birds learned to lift the small turtles in the air, and to smash them on stones. The turtles need some time to reach the water, and during this time, they are exposed to such attacks. Even the ones that are able to reach the water don’t survive all the time, as there are other animals there hunting them.

The shells of the turtles are their most important weapons. It is one of the best defensive methods invented by nature. Practically, besides smashing it, there are no other ways to crack the shell of a turtle. Even so, the sea turtles are in danger. Especially those living in highly populated areas and industrial areas die because of pollution. The turtle eggs are delicious, and even if it is against the law, there are many people searching for those eggs. Practically, even if a turtle can lie up for 20 eggs in one nest, only ten are able to survive and reach the sea, and from those, only four or five will reach maturity.

Why Are The Sea Turtles Not Suited As Pets?

The Decision of Having a Turtle as a Pet

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