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Taking Care of a Baby Tortoise

The natural habitat of a tortoise is different from one species to the other. However, they are predominant in Europe and in the tropical areas of Europe, Asia and America. Some of them hibernate during the winter, while others can only survive in warm climates. Taking care of a baby tortoise is a big responsibility, and you should consider it likewise.

 Baby Tortoise pics

 Baby Tortoise Twins

Baby Tortoise

No matter what kind of tortoise you want, remember that the artificial habitat must imitate the real one. It has to be large, usually of at least two square meters for the average ones. The tortoises usually adapt hardly or don’t adapt at all to an enclosed environment, such as an apartment, even if it has big dimensions. It is also a friendly reptile sensitive to diseases, so it is not recommended to keep tortoises of different species in the same place. Even too much members of the same species kept in the same place are predisposed to severe diseases.

 Baby Redfoot Tortoise eating tomato

Baby tortoise eating

Feeding the baby tortoise

The alimentation of a tortoise and especially of the Greek tortoise, which is the most popular as a pet is 100% vegetal. The tropical species such as the Desert and Steppe Tortoise are omnivores, meaning that they should also eat meat. Don’t feed a European baby tortoise with meat, or aliments that are too rich in proteins, as they can generate problems of the digestive system, lethal affections of the kidneys and also an accelerated growth of the baby. Now, you might be proud when you see the tortoise growing in one day like others in three, but this means that the shell grows in a wrong manner, so the baby might eventually die.

 Cute baby tortoise image

Cute baby tortoise

A good diet for the Greek tortoise is composed of fibers, apple, carrots, and grass. Avoid cabbage, broccoli and spinach, as those will affect the correct absorption of calcium. When the tortoise is mature, you can introduce those aliments in the diet.

Baby sea tortoise in my hands

 Baby sea tortoise

Besides those green aliments that are mandatory for any tortoise, if you have a tropical baby tortoise, you need to introduce meat in the alimentation.


All the European tortoises hibernate. This is an important stage of the life of a tortoise, and in captivity, many of them die because of improper conditions. During hibernation, the animal does not feed, but it consumes substances accumulated under the form of fat. It is better to male sure that the tortoise is perfectly healthy and well fed before the usual hibernating period. If you have doubts about preparing the tortoise for hibernating, it is a good idea to consult a veterinarian for complete consultations.

 Indian baby tortoise  walking

 Indian baby tortoise

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