Sunday, October 27, 2013

Most Important Types of Tortoises

The difference between tortoises and turtles is the fact that tortoise live on land, while the turtles prefer aquatic life. The tortoises can be considered land turtles. The species are related, but also different from many points of view. Let’s see the characteristics of tortoises, and the main types of tortoises.

The tortoise is usually a middleweight turtle. It has 4 centimeters at birth and 15-30 centimeters as an adult. It is spread across the entire world. Even if they live their life on dry land, they can always be found near a source of water. They have a convex carapace, and their shape is usually oval.

The tortoises are usually vegetarian, but they also eat worms, insects and small animals. They also hibernate during the winter. The reproductive period is the end of spring, and the female lays 3-12 eggs, which need 3-8 months before hatching. The majority of tortoises are protected by the law, because they are almost extinct. Many species of tortoises were extinct during the latest years, and without the help of the authorities, this will continue.

Even if the majority of tortoises are protected by the law, so you are not allowed to have one, there are many tortoises that can be bought from local pet stores. Don’t ask tortoises on forums and on blogs, as this way, you will only encourage illegal activities that are responsible for the extinction of many tortoises. There are many authorized websites and pet shops that can give you a tortoise legally, and from which you can find such a pet without being worried about potential punishment.

There are many types of tortoises. The most popular ones are the Greek, Russian and African tortoises. In any case, make sure to buy it from the authorized pet stores. Even if the turtle that you buy is not from an endangered species, it is important to have papers attesting the species and the history of the turtle.  

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