Friday, October 11, 2013

Why Are The Sea Turtles Not Suited As Pets?

The Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) is not suited for growing in captivity, unless you can offer them special conditions. However, it is important to know a few aspects about it, so you could recognize it when you see it on the shores of the ocean.

Generally, the Sea Turtle has big dimensions. The adult males can reach 1.2 meters, and a weight of 200 kilograms. This species lives in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea and even in the Black Sea. As a particularity, when they are young, the sea turtles have three careens, and the old ones have one single big careen. The posterior side is cut and covered with bone planks.

The head is big, with strong jaws, the anterior members have the shape of a pallet, and they have two claws. The color on the backside is brown-red, and the plastron have a yellow color for adults, and almost black for the young ones.

The species is exclusively of marine origins. During the reproduction period, they have their special beaches in the tropical and sub-tropical area where they lay eggs at approximate 50 meters from the sea. The turtles dig holes in the ground, and then they cover the eggs with sands. The eggs hatch in two-three months, and the babies must run to the water as fast as possible, as this is their only chance to survive.

This turtle is omnivore, eating fish, marine animals but also sea fruits and vegetal marine components.

If you want a sea turtle, you will need to live by the sea. You need your own beach, and a special place surrounded with a fence. However, the sea turtle needs to migrate, so it is unlikely for it to like your pen. Moreover, even if you have a male and a female, it is unlikely for those to reproduce. It is protected by the law, so you will need some authorizations that you will never get for growing sea turtles.

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