Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Pics of Turtles

People like to see turtles on the internet, especially photos of those in their natural habitats. The problem is that pics of turtles are always cute and interesting, while in the real life, it is a little harder to take care of such animals. The turtles are amongst the easiest animals when it comes to taking care of them as pets, because they don’t need to be walked, vaccinated and trained. However, this does not mean that they don’t require any kind of care.

Turtles are sensitive to diseases. Especially if you buy a tropical one, which is not used with the cold weather in Europe and US, you might have serious problems with it. Most importantly, treating diseases for turtles is almost impossible, because they die fast, usually in a few days after catching a disease. Instead of treating diseases for turtles, it is better to try to prevent them.


The turtles like to eat in water, and this is why you should move those in a separated container. This is how you keep the aquarium clean. The turtles are omnivores, meaning that they eat vegetables and meat. The best food is the one that you can buy at the local pet store. Those contain vegetables and meat, so the turtle will eat exactly what is required for healthy growing. Moreover, it is also important to choose the type of food required for the age of your turtle. At the beginning of their lives, the turtles need a lot of calcium, while later, when the carapace is fully developed, the alimentation must be changed.


Even if the turtle spends the majority of time swimming, you should wash the turtle. This is made with a normal toothbrush. You should rub each portion of the carapace until it is totally clean. The toothbrush will help you to remove all the bacteria that can harm the turtle. Don’t forget to wash the pet, as this way, you will avoid infections. The filter is extremely useful. At the beginning, you will want to take care of the turtle, so it will be a pleasure to wash the aquarium and to change the water every day, but later, it will become a burden and you will want to clean the aquarium rarer. With a good filter, you can change the water once every week, so taking care of the turtle will be a lot easier.

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