Friday, February 21, 2014

About Horses

What can I write about horses? I would like to tell you all the beautiful stories from the farm where I grew up, where horses were my best friends. I would like to describe you the feeling of running away on a horse on the fields, far away from any human being. Those feelings can’t be described in words, and it would take me days! However, you can always visit a farm to see those beautiful animals, and you might even try to ride one! Yes, I know that you are scared at first, but you will soon discover that the horse is a docile and smart animal, and that he is better than humans in so many ways.

God didn’t allowed horses to talk, so the humans would not be put in difficulty. The horse evolved for the last 60 million years, adapting to the ever changing nature without difficulty, unlike other animals that disappeared from the world. Equus Caballus, as we know it today, appeared one million of years ago. It spread from South America to Asia and Europe. The first humans changed their life entirely when they discovered how to tame the horse.

The horses started to be used in agriculture, transportation and for recreational purposes, becoming a prosperous business also. All the horses have the same body structure, and the same number of chromosomes, 64. It was hard for me to understand the physical and mental capacity of a horse, especially because it is superior to the one of some bigger animals. Today, we believe that we know everything about horses, but in reality, we must study a lot before completely understanding this fascinating animal.

I say that the horse is the best friend of man, but as I told you, I grew up on a farm. Yes, we had dogs, but I liked horses more because they are more…quiet. It is really important to know the horse, how its body functions, how it senses, and the entire vital circle.

The senses of the horse

Eyes are on the lateral of the head, so the horse can see behind by twisting overhead, without turning around. For this reason, we need to approach a horse with care, so it will not be scared. Horses have a sharp hearing, and they are able to reception a large gamma of sounds that are not accessible for the human ear.

A horse communicates by ears. It took me years to understand how my horse can manifest enthusiasm, boredom, fear or aggression, only by moving the ears. There are 22 muscles in the exterior ear of the horse, which allow rotating those with 180 degrees.

The smell is also a strong sense of horses, and it is perfectly developed to breathe while running or in conditions of stress. The horses can detect human fear, and they are sensitive to the smell of blood. The horses are resistant to hits, but really, why would you want to hurt such a beautiful animal? I would never think about hurting my horse in any way, and I strongly recommend you to do the same!

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